Young Adults With Asperger's Social Group

This group is open to young adults and their parents/caregivers.


This social group is for young adults (18 years old and older) with Asperger's who live in Franklin County and the surrounding area.  Members of the group meet informally for the purpose of making new friends and participating in activities that interest young adults with Asperger's. There are no dues or  membership fees.


Past Activities include:       


  • Miniature Golf and Arcade Games at Cluggy's Amusement Center
  • Video game night
  • Picnic at Caledonia State Park
  • Pizza parties
  • Visiting  the Smithsonian Natural History Museums
  • BBQ's

While we would certainly like to see participation in the group's activities, our hope is that each young adult finds a friend or two within the group that they interact with on a regular basis independent of the group.

Parents and/or caregivers also meet informally to network and share experiences in transitioning their young adult from high school towards independent living.

Who We Are

We are  the parents of a young adult with Asperger's residing in the Franklin County area. We found that once our young adult graduated from high school, there were very few social opportunities for young adults with Asperger's to regularly participate. This social group was formed to fill that void for the young adults and to provide parents/caregivers an opportunity to network and discuss the challenges facing our young adults.


Funding Support Provided In Part by the Autism Society of the Greater Harrisburg Area




  • August 2.  Autism Night with Harrisburg Centers. If interested in joining others at the game, please contact Jim at the below e-mail or cell number.

  • August  27. Fundraiser at Shippensburg Pizza Hut from 5:00 to 7:00 PMSupport our group by bringing your family for a pizza buffet dinner.
  • Sept 13.  Visit our table at the Autism Fair- Chambersburg Middle School South- 11:00 to 3:00.  For more information on the Fair, visit:

  • Monthly Meetings for Parents and/or Caregivers- Second Monday of the Month at 6:30- held in Community Room B at the:

              Grove  Family Library  

              101 S. Ragged Edge Rd   

              Chambersburg, PA              

 For more information e-mail or call using below contact information.

 Watch for dates and locations of other upcoming events:


Want to Get Involved?

Contact us at:


Cell:  603-499-0877

Please e-mail, call or text the above if you would like to join our Parent/Caregiver Group or the Young Adult Group on Facebook.



Asperger's/HFA Support Group of  Franklin County  at:

Autism Society of the Greater Harrisburg Area at:


Bureau of Autism Services at: developmentalprograms/bureauofautismservices/index.htm